Torrefattori Artigiani (Artisan Coffee Roasters) has set itself the objective of proposing and promoting truly special coffee blends. Before entering the market we examined the proposals already present. We looked around to get to know our competitors and analyze their products. The coffee market is quite saturated and inflated, being present as "one of the many coffee roasters" did not seem the right choice.
In this new era in which science, research and development bring innovation to all areas, we felt that the most appropriate option was to use our knowledge and skills on coffee to develop a product whose characteristics were very uncommon to what was already on the market. Carrying out this study helped us to outline our identity. In fact, today we offer a type of product that does not create rivalry with anyone, but simply makes us the "niche choice" of those who prefer a particular product (for specific characteristics and quality choices) as an alternative to what is already widely present on the market. We are not an industry. Our prudutive systems have longer time frames and different characteristics. We do not have to satisfy enormous quantities for which quality often inevitably gives way to numbers and speed. We aim for quality to be of the highest level, both in terms of the selection of raw materials used and, above all, in terms of the methods applied in the creation of our finished product.

Processing the coffees we use in the right way means dedicating the right amount of time to them. It is important to carefully monitor every step of the roasting process and to skilfully manage the heat so that those physical and chemical transformations take place that lead the product to develop the most subtle aromas that only an artisanal method can provide.

In the roasting plant we follow the whole process step by step. We check the raw coffees we import to verify the absence of defects. We store the raw material in separate places, protected from sudden changes in temperature and humidity. We roast the lots of coffee of different origins separately, in order to profile a suitable and specific roasting curve.

Di Bernardo Caffè proposes itself to the professional who loves his work and the product he deals with. It joins him in the mission to educate the consumer through knowledge and culture on healthy consumption habits of a drink whose origins are lost in the mists of time. Our professional lines are aimed at those businesses where coffee is a CULT.

Cafeterias and Bars that love to stand out for the high quality proposal of exclusive and refined products. We roast "special" coffees to elaborate unique blends, pleasantly balanced in taste and aroma. In addition to the professional lines, we produce blends for domestic use for Moka in different types (also decaffeinated), as well as coffee pods and capsules, in different formats, for home or office espresso machines.